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Salutations all! Id like to welcome you to Temptation the Movie's LJ community! This new rock musical film hasnt hit stores yet, but word has it, it will be on vhs and dvd on September 28th. Only select theatres around the country will be screening it, so pray that you live near one of them!

If you want a preview, visit Temptationthemovie.com.

So lets get talkin bout this awesome new film!

Love and Bat Kisses!

p.s. Deven May is the sexiest thing alive! Long live Bat Boy!!!!!
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Just saying hi Heather... I now have a LJ on account of you and this community. Be proud of yourself, woot!
So.... I eventually got fed up with not being able to find the info for it on amazon and the webmaster of the temptation site said it hasn't been released on video/dvd yet.

how crappy is that?